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Erin and Soul by CATonTheStreet Erin and Soul by CATonTheStreet
This is Valentine Day !... in France, it is, anyway ! So I spend the night drawings little sketches of people I love, and whos love always make my heart beat.

This is for my friend :iconaburamushihunter: & Soul~ !

M'yup~ ! I hope you two will have a beautiful day ! You know how much I am happy that I met you, and when I see you two... I don't know, it's just... pure and strong love, it's always... always beautiful and it touches my heart. Keep on walking, hand in hand~ !
Thank you for everything, every word... everything.

Once again, it's just a little sketch~ but myu...

Erin & Soul (c) themselves
*aburamushihunter, Soul Eater
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kazelee Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Eee it's so sweet~~ *u* I love how Soul's got his arm around Erin and how Erin is leaning in. Ohh and she's got her necklace on too! Soul's expression looks a little playful but still gentle at the same time. And lovely colors~~ >3<
ogamagirl Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Muu, Drew...!!!! ;/////; :heart::heart::heart::heart: When I saw this this morning when I first woke up my heart absolutely leapt with joy ;///; I saved commenting on this for last, just so I could make sure I could say how much I love it...
I love to see myself in your style, because I think you always draw me too adorable ;///; How I'm leaning in for a kiss; it's too cute, I'm blushing so much >////< Nyu, I always wish for scenes like this ;///; And today I got to see one :heart::heart: Usually I'm not too excited for Valentine's Day, but this...made my whole day, I feel so much stronger now. (And my scythe necklace, you remembered to draw it ;///; That really means so much to me; I'm holding it right now as I type, it's so great to see it there...:heart:)
Soul~:heart: My scythe boy, my angel, you draw him so beautifully ;///; :heart::heart: His hair looks so soft ;///; (Muu, I always wanna play with his hair xD I'm a little odd like that, but it looks like it would be so much fun to just sit there and play with ;///; ) I love his eyes, the look in his's still so hard to believe he would look at me like that, but I get to see it here, and it feels so right and true...with his hand on my shoulder, pulling me in~:damphyr: Ohh, I can't stop looking ;////; :heart::heart:
Thank you so, so much for this Drew :huggle: I feel really blessed to know you, and it makes me happy if my words and my world can touch your heart like that; that in itself means more to me than I can say :damphyr::huggle: I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day with the ones you love...with this drawing I know...I'm gonna have a great day ;/////; :heart::heart::heart::heart:
CATonTheStreet Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
Aww, thank you very much, all your sweet words made me smile ;w; :huggle: I'm very happy that you like it~ :heart:
I always enjoy to draw you, as I said... it's pure and strong love, it means a lot, a lot~ Keep on being... as you are, both of you~ :heart:
SoraMisaki Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
i don't know what really to say, except i love it! and I'm certain Erin will too. :heart: the moment is so private, touching, sweet, i especially like Soul's look, like he doesn't want to stop looking at her even now, in this close moemnt~~ (and i see her pendant too, for some reason i'm glad/happy to see that xD <33)
Bethessa Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Aww cute picture ^^
Flamongirl13 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
Erin and Soul always look amazing when you draw them, Hika! Especially Soul! His eyes still have that intense look to them, but you've also managed to make them appear soft at the same time, full of love as he looks at her :heart:

Leaning in to steal a sweet little Valentine's Kiss~
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