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Jan 21. by CATonTheStreet Jan 21. by CATonTheStreet
Yeah, mixing up worlds ! That's fun.

Um, I'm having a very hard, painful time - you don't EVEN imagine, but I still won't talk about it, please, don't ask - so yeaaaahh, let's just smile and post here one of the sketches I did today and liked : D

Meaningful, really ! Fuah, I can't explain everything !
So... here you have... bros. Sam, sorry, I can't draw your hair lately ! I have troubles with everyone's hair D: J'ai besoin de cours, Crys ! O^O
... I feel like my style changes on each drawing. I'm so... unstable lol !
I love this hat - that I'm wearing here - so much >3< thank you again Freya ;w; I love it~ !

And well... still learning to draw Norman. I'm happy here, I think I drew his hair right. And he's smiling. He doesn't smile enough in the game. (By the way in uh... if you wonder about any "timeline", this is PRESENT DAY, which means, for Norm, months before the events in Heavy Rain lol. I would know more with the chronicles if we had 'em instead of the Move Edition GRUMBLRRLLD. I still pray every night. We never know : D )

Voilà... I'm sorry, if you don't like mixed up worlds and universes, then... yeah, I'm sorry. Just ignore this.

Haa... Since things are hard for me, I am watching a video over and over again... this one [link]

No idea for the title haha !
Jee, Dean's birthday is SOON. D: *panic*

Ouiii, ma pub !! :heart: Oh Sam... j'aime trop t'entendre... (c'est drole en voyant ce dessin d'imaginer que lui et Norman ont la meme voix lol Dean et Drew vont être un peu perdus lol)
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lemonliz Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
Adorable drawing! :la:

And I certainly hope that whatever is troubling you passes. :heart:
kazelee Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
The first thing I noticed was how short you were compared to your brothers and Norman orz But it makes you look all the more innocent~~ I love that kitty hat you're wearing, it fits you so well! QAQ And the tips are black, just like your actual ears~~ And I love your expression, it's kind of...curious and I like how you're watching Dean and his expression. I also like how you've got a hand on Norman's arm too, like you're leading him over and introducing him~~ ouo D'aww and Norman has the best smile on too~ I don't think Dean is impressed though, he looks a he's saying, "What do we have here?" |DD;; Haha, and Sam~ He looks a little more accepting, maybe cause Norman's such good friends with you o3o And I like how you draw his hair, it looks more...realistic?

And whatever it is, I hope it goes away >< I'll be wishing and hoping for it to everyday~ :heart:
Bronek Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Lovley pic. The look really nice in that style. :3
Bethessa Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Wow great picture ^^
ogamagirl Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Heehee, this looks very nice :dummy: Hah, I love how everyone is interacting here; something about the look on Sam's face just strikes me xD I love it, it's like a little "huuh?"; I think it's really cute ^^ Dean looks impossibly cool, like always (that look he's giving Norman almost looks like he's challenging him O^O) You look adorable with that sideways ponytail and kitty cap :heart: I love how your hand is on Norman but you're looking at your bros, almost like "Well? What do you think??" :heart: I like Norman's expression too ;///; He seems to be at peace here with you all, with that smile~ It's nice to see the worlds collide like this!!! :heart:
And myu, I think of you every day ;///; :damphyr::huggle:
CATonTheStreet Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
Aw, thank youuu~ :huggle: Thank you so much~ ! :heart:
Haa, I read and re-read your words, it makes me happy ;///;
Flamongirl13 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011

FFFF. I knew you would look adorable in the hat! |D It really suits you, almost looks like that your cat ears just slipped right into the ones on the hat. It also seems to give you a very..curious look in this picture. Like you're waiting to see what your brothers have to say about your friend you've brought to visit.

It seems like Dean is trying to get a 'feel' for Norman's personality XD

I think you draw Norman very well too! I've never played Heavy Rain (I have no ps3...), but I have watched people play it on streams, so I'm familiar with the stories and characters. I think you capture Mr. Jayden perfectly. |D
CATonTheStreet Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
Nyiiii~ !! :glomp: Thank youuu ! Thank you again ;w; I love it so muchhh~ >w< and everything else too ;w; you know, you know... I will never say it enough O3O

You think I draw him well ? ;w; Aw, thank you ! It means a lot, I'm trying hard ;///; I'm very happy that you think I could draw him well ;///;
Flamongirl13 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
Hahaha~ I'll have to send you more things soon then owo :heart: I'll wait a bit till it's not 'christmas' season in the mail so that it won't take as long for it to get there. >< :hug:

Of course you draw him well! And it really shows in your lines, in all your drawings of him, now much time you put into making it look and feel like Norman. :heart:
LoudNoises Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
:( :hug: :huggle: I do hope whatever it is you're going through ends soon. I hate to see you in pain. :huggle: :smooch:
CATonTheStreet Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
Thanks ! Even the hardest pains passes ! The beauty remains : D
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