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Lune and Haydel by CATonTheStreet Lune and Haydel by CATonTheStreet
This is Valentine Day !... in France, it is, anyway ! So I spend the night drawings little sketches of people I love, and whos love always make my heart beat.

M'yu, this is for my friend :iconpoelune: & Haydel~ :bulletpurple:

Milu~ I hope I drew you both right >///< I'm always a bit shy, I don't know, maybe I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to draw your "magic", because that's how I see you two... sometimes it's not easy to put lines on magic, you see ?
Anyway, once again, that's just a little sketch, a little something, but I wanted to do something, and thank you for every moment we share, I'm so happy that we have the chance to see each other more. Just like Crys and Hiro, you two are family to me~ Thank you for everything.

My colors are crazy, I know >///< I have only a few colors so... yeah !

Lune & Haydel (c) themselves, aussi !
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kazelee Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that sharing scarf thing~ And it's an awesome scarf too XD Haydel's expression is so sweet and kind, and I love his smile. Lune is adorable too, and I like the star on her cheek~ >u< The colors are so pretty too, and I especially like how you colored Haydel's hair *0*
CATonTheStreet Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011
Thank you very much :heart:
Hehe, sharing scarf, it's always warm and tender~ ^^
Poelune Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011   Writer
>/////////////< (Oui ça résume bien mon état quand j'ai découvert ton dessin.) Merci, merci maily. C'est magique de nous voir sous ta patte encore une fois, ce sont des cadeaux précieux qui me font sourire, aller mieux. J'ai découvert tes dessins de Saint Valentin grâce à Crys, vu que je ne m'étais pas connectée du tout à dA lundi... Heureusement qu'elle était là. En écoutant cette chanson, nyup, c'était encore plus parfait, vu que j'aime beaucoup cette chanson. [link] Don't stop believin'. Non, jamais.
Tu ne devrais pas être inquiète pour ta faculté à rendre notre magie... Si les magiciennes des couleurs, du dessin existent, tu es l'une d'elle, c'est certain.
J'aime ce geste de partager une écharpe, c'est toujours mignon et doux, un geste parfait pour l'hiver. <3 Avec ces couleurs, davantage encore. Bleu et gris, les couleurs de mon écharpe Serdaigle, nyup ! J'aime la retrouver ici, parce que c'est aussi un peu de toi et Crys, cette écharpe, quelque part.~
Elles sont très belles tes couleurs ! Tu as pensé à tout en plus, la petite étoile sur ma joue, le pendentif... Et lui. >///< Tu l'as juste très, très bien attrapé. J'aime la façon dont il sourit, donc on sourit, c'est un dessin plein de pixie dust et de pensées heureuses.
Ce dessin me fait m'envoler très haut, et a coloré tout ce 14 février. Merci, encore et encore. :huggle:
ogamagirl Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Aww ;///; Even though I don't know Lune and Haydel that well, I really like this picture ;w; I love how they're sharing a scarf! I've always thought that was such a cute thing to see ;////; The little star on Lune's face is really cute, and I love both their sweet smiles~
CATonTheStreet Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
Thank you Erin~ :heart:
Sharing a scarf, it's always sweet and warm~
Bethessa Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Aww cute picture ^^
Flamongirl13 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
Lune and Haydel~ :bulletpurple::bulletyellow:

I must confess I don't know much about Lune's colorful worlds, but I still feel and see the magic and love flowing from her and her darling. They are so sunny and bright, enjoying this day together. I like how they're sharing their scarf, it's cute! A little 'couple' action I never get tired of seeing. To me it feels like it's saying "I want to be near you always".

Lune is going to love this!
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