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March 6, 2011
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Peace of Mind by CATonTheStreet Peace of Mind by CATonTheStreet
Art trade for my friend :iconl-cecil-l:~ :heart:

Haaaa. I was very happy to draw all of them, I am always so happy to draw them ! But it took time (pictures with many characters on it, it's not simple for me >///< ). I am sorry this isn't colored ;///; it would have taken me too much time ! But maybe I'll color it later if I can, I'd love to~

Jesse, Cain, Abel, Ethan, Brooke and Samuela~ (And that little girl you see on the left... well, she was too young to spend time with all the... young hunters. But anyway, I thought it was cute that she went out of her room to see what they're doing.)

Jesse is playing video game and highly encouraged by his little sister Samuela and by Brooke~ ! If he's winning (and it looks like he is) then he's good, because I'm sure it's not easy to play with a sister on your back ! XD
Abel is surrounded by cats ! And I remember how Cain was trying to make Ethan smile, so I thought he'd try not to let him stay alone with his book while everyone is there.
But at this very moment Ethan is mortified by that foot on his head XD his hair, Brooke, don't touch his hair D:
And the little girl, well, she's related to Ethan, but I'll say more later - yeah, like that, she looks like Sarha XD

Voilą ! I talked too much : D

Oh yeah. KFC. There's other food for those who don't like KFC XD lol ! (Ethan likes KFC 8D lol)
They're hunters and all, so it was good to imagine them spending time together like... "normal" teenagers, playing video games and all.

Chu~ !

Jesse Winchester and Samuela Campbell are (c) =l-Cecil-l
Cain & Abel Milligan are (c) *Flamongirl13
Ethan Winchester & Brooke Spangler are (c) meh. And the mysterious little girl is (c) me too O3O

Title, um. As I said, no imagination, I just choosed a song from s u p e r n a t u r a l soundtrack. This title fits, nope ?
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Mangagirl18 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Such a warm happy picture. ^^
Zaxth705 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
awesome picture man
Heroofdeath Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
*must change rp character now* lol awesome :P I cant use the name Ethan Winchester now though lol XD!
kazeli Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
This is so awesome~~~ >u< :heart: I love it, it's like one big happy family! All the smiles, the happiness, it's filled with so much life~ O3O

Haha Ethannnn, his face makes me laugh XDD It probably isn't comfortable with that foot on his head, but maybe Brooke's only doing it cause he's reading all by himself. Hah, but I love her face too! She looks so eager and excited! >u< I love how Jesse has his tongue sticking out and how Samuela is hanging onto him~~ They both look adorableeee. All those cats are adorable too, and I especially like the one hanging around on Abel's head. XDD Abel looks so confused and flustered lol. Ooh and the little girlll~~ Like everyone else, I'm curious about her orz And when I first saw her I was like "SARHA oh wait..." XDD;;;; Aw but she looks so sweet and innocent~~ o3o

It looks like a big partyyyy, with all the KFC and food and drinks~ XD I think the title fits really well, actually. Even in their world, they can still relax and have a good time~~ :heart:
Heroofdeath Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
This is epic!!!!! :3
Bronek Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
Wonderful group pic. I like to see them all so happy. :aww:
l-Cecil-l Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
D'awwww Drew~
This is absolutely wonderful in every way~ I love this.. Seeing them all being able to hang out. A 'peace of mind' away from the hunting business. Just able to be a family with each other ♥ It's fine that this took so long, Drew~ You warned me that it might when I asked for it >/////< I'm so sorry that I asked for so many people. And what is this?! An extra person OwO I am curious to whom she might be. I was thinking she looked a bit like Sarha as well. kekeke. She has a beautiful sweet face. So, curious on what the big kids are doing. I like the little shirt she is wearing~ Flowers are so pretty. ^^

That foot on Ethan's head! xD Poor Ethan is being used as a foot rest by Brooke. I love his expression. So unamused by the foot place upon his head, and wanting to read his book. He has a KITTY on his leg! Look at the kitty so happy and just laying it's head on him. Awwwwww. Whilst Ethan reads his book :3 At least while they are all doing different things they are all together in the same room. Spending some much needed quality time together :3

kekeke. Cain always trying to get Ethan to smile. That's so sweet of him. Not wanting his cousin to fill left out or anything OWO what a sweet cousin he is. Oh Cain is holding something!

I love how Abel is surrounded by cat. kekeke. Aww the kitties love him so much :3 He looks to be a tad worried that Samuela might fall on him of something. xD He has a kitty on his head BD The cat looks so comfortable there :3

Aww Sammie~ She looks so happy being with everyone. I love how she is supporting Jesse with the game. She looks like she is making it a little difficult for him to play thought. xD And just her smile~ I love her smile. It's so beautiful. Samuela actually has a cat named, Izzy :3 So, I'm sure she's happy that her cousin is being attacked by them. xD

Brooke! Supporting Jesse too. I love how she looks. She is always so pretty~ And her star socks! They look so cute~ I love socks with designs on them >/////<

Kekeke. The way Jesse is playing the game with his tongue sticking out to the side. I do that too. He looks so into the game. I wonder what he might be playing! Probably something that has to do with killing things. xD Or maybe an rpg. He likes some of those~ Not a care in the world that his sister is on his back. :3 His favorite people all in the same room with him~ He loves being around them all :)

Jesse likes KFC... than again he will eat anything. xDD Well almost anything. Not really a picky eater as long as there is food for him to eat he is happy.

D'awww. I love looking at this so much OWO it's so wonderful~ So beautiful~ It's our family ♥ Our beautiful family. I love them all so much~
Sorry that I asked you to draw so many of them again >/////<


Je t'adore~~ ♥ ♥ ♥
Bethessa Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Wow great picture ^^
ogamagirl Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Student Digital Artist
This is so wonderful Drew!! :heart:
It's such a wonderful glimpse into their lives, and there's so much detail and attention payed to each and every one of them, it's truly a precious picture ;w; I love that Cain is trying to get Ethan to participate xD Stop reading and play with everyone else, silly boy! (And I see a little kitty peeking over Ethan's leg, heehee :meow:). Abel looks a bit flustered, but he's really handsome here ;w; (and he should be happier, look at all the kitties he has!! Myu, I want to see my kitties again ;w; ) Jesse looks so intent playing his game, with his tounge sticking out in concentration x3 I'm sure Samuela and Brooke are doing a great job cheering them on (I love how Samuela is hanging onto Jesse like that, it's really cute! :heart:) And the adorable little girl peeking in on them (I can see the Sarha in her :meow:), I would love to know her story...I can't wait to learn more about her!
I love scenes like this, where everyone just gets to spend "normal" time together :heart: I can tell there's a lot of love here. Even though I don't know much about all of them together, I really love this's really wonderful ;w; :huggle:
SoraMisaki Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
oooh, this is really wonderful, i love all the poses, the expression.... the moods!! :heart: it's truly their 'time' together, it seems, as "normal" teens like you said, yes! a peaceful kind of time for them xD you can just... read all of their relationships in this image, their different personalities and ... maybe habits somehow? fff :heart: (ps. i like KFC too, Ethan o3o)
I'm also very curious about the mysterious little girl... if you're willing to share more of course! who looks like Sarha, hihi <33
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